The Company

Redwood is a Spanish secured debt manager for residential mortgages and SMEs loans, including integral property services.

  1. 2018

    • Transformation from Master Servicer to first-class Spanish end-to-end loan and property servicing company
    • 2 portfolios under management
  2. 2019

    • Instructed 3rd portfolio of SME NPLS and REOS
    • New Services: Advisory and Corporate Servicers
  3. 2020

    • Boarding of 2 new clients, an investment fund and a national bank entity.
  4. 2021

    • Incorporation of 2 new bank entities as customers
  5. 2022

    • Incorporation of 2 new customers for Corporate Services
    • New perimeters under management for existing bank clients
  6. 2023

    • New perimeters under management for existing bank clients
    • Incorporation of 2 new clients for Advisory Services

Redwood today

Assets Under Management

  • c. €2.5Bn.
  • c. 14,000 collaterals/properties.

Work force

  • Average experience in servicing +12 years.


  • Managing debt collections from private individuals and SMEs.
  • Extrajudicial agreements and negotiations with debtors.
  • Legal action and judicial management.
  • Sale and marketing of property and loans.
  • Property maintenance and integral rental management (preparation, marketing, contract management, and rent collection).
  • Corporate services
  • Portfolio Advisory

Our Commitment


  • Alignment with our client’s strategy and expectations.
  • Performance driven management: IRR and cash oriented.
  • Balance sheet and liquidity ratios management for financial entities.

Data quality and reporting

  • Processes built to manage and report to institutional investors.
  • Systems containing static and dynamic data with real-time access.
  • Provision of customized and timely reporting.

Audit and control

  • Auditable procedures and policies.
  • Periodic internal audits.
  • Culture of transparency and Business Excellence.
  • SLA performance monitoring.
  • Continuous Due-diligence.


  • Operational excellence within a regulated environment.
  • Integrated operating model
  • Integrated end to end recovery model. Each collector manages the file from the first contact up to the closing.
  • Proactive and creative NPL (SME and individual) and REO management.
  • Physical visits to all the assets and one single point of contact with the person in charge of the project.
  • Sale and rental management.