Why Redwood

• Because of our proven successful track record.
• Management and performance reporting on time and online.

IT Systems

All operational systems are totally integrated in our technological platform. We have also developed an inhouse data warehouse that allows the performance monitoring and control of all the portfolios, being also an excellent tool for decision making in the management process. All the information is online and on real time.

Servicios de prestamos

Loan Servicing Systems

  • Primary Servicing.
  • Judicial process.
  • Friendly collections.
  • POAs and PDVs management.

Sistema Real Estate

Real Estate Servicing Systems

  • Property marketing and ongoing management
  • Asset sales.
  • Rental management.
  • Asset management.


Reporting system developed under Microsoft technology. All provided information and reporting allows the measurement of performance and profitability but also is used as a tool in the daily operational task setting.


Redwood’s Governance Framework has been designed to ensure all processes across the organization runs in an effective and efficient manner. This is accomplished by clearly setting power, accountability, and decision making process to deal with corporate daily challenges. Nevertheless, to guarantee corporate governance we also put in place controls, internal audit and a continuous improvement program throughout the company.

Redwood keeps an active risk management approach, continuously identifying and analyzing both operational and business-related risks. Redwood is committed to comply with laws, regulations, agreements and stated policies. In particular, Redwood is GDPR compliance, have a Crime Prevention program, Ethics code and Financial audit to guarantee full transparency and accountability.


  • Design and process integration.
  • Procedures manuals.
  • Control and internal audit process.
  • Suppliers certification process.

Risks and compliance

  • Ethics code.
  • Complaints channel.
  • Anti-corruption code.
  • Crime prevention program.
  • Compliance model.
  • GDPR compliance.
  • Anti-Money Laundering policy
  • Financial audit.