Pablo Enciso

Pablo Enciso

Pablo is a Redwood co-founder.

Economist and IESE PDD with over 24 years of professional experience. Pablo was shareholder and member of Aktua’s senior management team (former Centerbridge OpCo Firm sold to Lindorff-Intrum). Over these c. 6 years period he set up and managed various departments, carve-out processes and new businesses (JV with a Greek bank).

He started his career at KPMG. Later on, and before getting into the servicing space, he held “C” positions at industrial companies (leisure and cosmetics) running operations and finance functions.

Sofía Lucas

Sofía Lucas

Asset Management Director

With a law background, Sofia has 18 years’ experience managing and servicing secured portfolios owned by investors and Banks in Spain and Portugal. Sofia has worked in the past for Hudson (Lone Star), Anticipa (Blackstone), among other servicers, managing large teams of Asset Managers and RE departments, such as valuations, pre-marketing and Sales.

At Redwood, Sofia is in charge for all the business-related activities. Sofia has set up the Asset Management Department, both for investors’ portfolios, and banks. Her teams have more than doubled previous servicers results managing the current portfolios she is in charge of.

Ana Cañadas

Ana Cañadas

Legal and RE Operations Director

Ana is a lawyer and has 22 years of practice being specialized in managing legal teams nationwide and has been dedicated to large scale portfolios for both, investors and banks. She joined us from Aktua on January 2018 where she was Head of Legal for Santander, BMN (Bankia) and other Investor’s Secured portfolios.

At Redwood, Ana designs legal innovative strategies to mitigate new regulations impact. She has set up and oversees the NPLs legal and RE operations teams where a 92% of judicial turnover has been achieved, land registration timing has been reduced to, on Avg. 36,5 days and sales closing process to, on avg. 41 days.

ramiro garcia

Ramiro García

GRC & HR Director

Ramiro has an engineer background, holds an MBA and joined us in 2018 from Aktua where he was Head of RE Business Process. He has 17 years experience working in Consulting industry and in international organizations such Santander Bank, BBVA, BASF and NTT Data where he mainly supervised business transformation projects and continuous improvement programs.

Among his duties in Redwood, Ramiro set up functions such as Corporate Governance, Compliance and GDPR. He is also in charge of HR, Security Information, Internal Audit and Risk Management. Ramiro runs Portfolio Boarding process and internal corporate projects.

roberto meson

Roberto Mesón

IT & BI Director

Roberto is a Senior Computer Engineer and joined Redwood from Altamira (DoValue), where he managed several IT projects for 4 years and helped to set up the IT department of the company. Previously he worked in IT consulting industry in NTT Data creating specialized solutions for financial environments in clients like Barclays, Bankia and AvantCard.

He joined us in 2018 and since then has been leading the IT and BI teams of the company. He set up the IT department implementing and customising the operational systems and developing the BI platform, ensuring a 98% service level.

nazariy yanko

Nazariy Yanko

Finance Director

Nazariy holds a Master’s Degree from CUNEF in Corporate Finance and Executive MBA from IESE. He is also a CFA Charterholder.

Before joining Redwood in 2018, Nazariy worked in Financial Management and Business Valuations department of PwC and has experience in a variety of industries.

At Redwood, Nazariy built an advisory, reporting and controlling department. He actively participated in the financing and refinancing processes. Nazariy led the Retiro securitization process from Redwood in 2021. Since 2022 he is in charge of the financial department, including the Advisory and Corporate services business units.


José Manuel McClure

Board Member

Member of the board, and together with Pablo Enciso, one of the originators of Redwood that currently participates in all of the strategic projects that supports Redwoods’ continued growth within the secured NPL and property industry. Before Redwood, he was MD at Mars Capital Spain which was a master servicing company for Oaktree Capital Management. Jose has been active in the NPL Special Servicing industry since 2009 and formed part of the Aktua’s senior management team from 2012 to 2016, when he then jumped to the investment side by joining Mars Capital. Before Aktua he worked for EY, Grupo Lar, and Ahorro Corporación.


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